We Stay Poppin'




We are a community that exists to create dope and welcoming spaces for artists and small business owners to display their work, passions, and services!


We believe that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and our vision is to see that be lived out by using all of our gifts, resources, and spaces within ourselves and our own communities in order to see our local communities flourish and be built the way we envision them.

What does it mean to STAY POPPIN?

To stay living a life that is focused on living in the moment and constantly walking towards growth. To stay intentionally growing and living out our purposes. To stay in the communities that raised us and giving back to all that was given to us. To stay poppin in all we do, say, and think in order for our communities to be transformed by us and for us.

Why the Bronx and Uptown?

Because it matters. Because every corner of the block is filled with pavements that were built for us to heal, grow, and step on. We are from the Bronx and Uptown Manhattan. We recognize the systematic injustices that exist within our communities of color and we are choosing to fight back. You may say, through a pop shop? FIRST OF ALL, this is only the beginning - but yes. Through pop-up shops where we can rent out local owned spaces and bring local entrepreneurs and artists to sell to local residents. Our goal is to invest in our communities to self-sustain ourselves while simultaneously growing in our purpose.


Yerrrrrrrrrs all around y’all. I’m Pricelis! A girl originally from Uptown Manhattan who has resided in the Bronx for the past 7 years and ain’t no one taking me out of this borough. I actually ended up in the Bronx because of gentrification and being priced out of my Washington Heights Apartment. So now I live in the Bronx and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. A little about me, I’m an entrepreneur, educator, social worker, change agent, yoga instructor, ministry leader, world traveler, researcher, and wanna chef. I’m an Afro-Latina of Dominican heritage. I’m currently a PhD student at Adelphi University working on my Doctoral degree in Social Work. I’m also the Founder and CEO of Full Collective. My goal with We Stay Poppin is to create and cultivate spaces for local folks to grow in their craft while also fighting the injustices of gentrification, food deprivation, homelessness, and other systemic challenges have attacked our communities for decades and event centuries. We will begin with Pop-up shops but please trust me on this journey, the vision is much larger than this!